Our Story

It had to begin somewhere.

Award-winning filmmaker and marketer, Matthew Fridg, started Headspace Media at the beginning of 2020. But the Headspace Media team has been working for years creating results-focused marketing and video content for brands nationwide.
We started as filmmakers
From the beginning, our passion was to create emotional experiences through filmmaking to enlighten and entertain audiences. We used these passions and skills to help advertising agencies create commercials and branded content for their clients; and did a pretty amazing job. However, over and over we witnessed these agencies fail.

The shortfall
Creating a video campaign can be an expensive investment. But these campaigns failed because six month later these video campaigns would be hidden deep in the bowels of a website or lost to obscurity on YouTube. Once the video was created, nobody knew what to do with it. That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands.

No more hiding
For the last ten years, we’ve been working to understand how people and the internet work so we can do what those agencies couldn’t do, deliver results. Now, we use a whole arsenal of digital marketing tools available to help brands connect with their prospects and customers to drive sales and growth. We believe the future is still very much video and we will constantly create award-winning video content, but now we do it through our marketing process to ensure every brand, every campaign, every piece of content has the best chance to make an impact with its audience.
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