Adoption Story

Helping children find comfort and safety in tough circumstances.

National Adoption Month

Often children going into foster care leave their home with little more than a garbage bag of clothes. This month, Headspace Media is teaming up with Westmoreland Children First to help children have a safe transition into foster care and adoption. Read more to see how we are doing this and how you can help.

On any given day, almost 424,000 children are living in the U.S. foster care system.* However, there is nowhere near the number of foster and adoptive parents needed to ensure each child has a safe, comfortable home. These children need people who can help in the short term or to become a forever home.

Of the over 64,000 children and youth who were adopted in 2019: 52% were adopted by their foster parent.*

Whitney Rusiewicz, an account manager at Headspace Media, has sacrificed so much of her time and energy to foster children. She went on to adopt two of those children giving them a forever home. At Headspace Media, we are excited to share her story and do what we can to help children and families in need.


How Can You Help?


Watch the story of Whitney and her choice to foster and adopt. See how she decided to become a foster parent and the joys she found in opening her home to children who needed hope and safety. 


Schedule a free 30-minute marketing strategy call with Headspace Media. On this call we will discuss your marketing needs and give you practical help. There is no obligation to purchase anything.


Headspace Media will donate $50 for each strategy call booked in November, up to $1000, to Westmoreland Children First so children in the foster care system and awaiting adoption will have clothes, toiletries and other items to help make their transition more comfortable.

Watch The Adoption Story

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Headspace Media will donate $50 for each strategy call booked in November to Westmoreland Children First to support children in need of a safe home.

Interested in fostering or adoption?

Get more information about directly helping a child by becoming a foster parent or through adoption from Westmoreland Children First.

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