Case Study: Throne, The Restroom Trailer Company, LLC

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Tripling your clients with a new website might sound like a dirty job, but that’s exactly what Headspace Media did for Throne, The Restroom Trailer Company, LLC.

Portable restrooms aren’t usually something people get excited about. Most people reading this probably dread the thought of having to use a hot, smelly port-a-john at any outdoor event. Recognizing the need for clean, sanitary, high-quality portable restroom solutions in southwestern Pennsylvania, David and Colby Grasmick started Throne, The Restroom Trailer Company, LLC in their hometown of Latrobe, PA.

The Problem

The husband-and-wife team began Throne in their backyard. They had the equipment: climate-controlled, sanitary restroom trailers equipped with running water. However, David and Colby weren’t initially seeing results.

“We just could not get the calls. Social media and word of mouth was not enough. We needed a website, and we needed a marketing plan… I wanted to find a company that would develop a whole plan for me rather than just a website.”

Taking Action

Colby began searching for a website developer to help build the Throne brand. She wanted to work with someone who would understand their mission and vision and stay with them as their company developed. After some intense Google searching, she came across Headspace Media. She was surprised to find an ideal company so close to home.

“I knew that I wanted to use a local company, and Headspace Media was an excellent choice. We were able to meet up and it just made everything so much easier.”

The Headspace Media Team contacted her the next day and began working on developing the Throne brand.

Want to learn more?

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“I received a call within 24 hours, and I could tell they had done their research in such a short amount of time. They had researched my Facebook page to get my take on our business and our product. I wanted the brand to have more of a quirky sense while keeping the clean feel of our page. That was understood and taken into consideration from day one, the whole way through the project.”

The Headspace team worked side-by-side with Colby and David to plan and develop a new website, marketing strategy, and a promotional photo and video shoot.

“When they showed up, part of the team handed out an itinerary… everything went right into place. It just worked so easily for everyone. The organization that Headspace Media brought to the shoot was way more than I expected and so appreciated because there wasn’t any time wasted throughout the process… the first little snippet video, when that was released, I was shocked. It just looked so professional and it was awesome. I’m glad that I made the call that I did.”


Since partnering with Headspace Media, Colby has seen tremendous success with the new website.

“I was overwhelmed when the Throne website launched… the calls started coming in more. The amount of people I’m hearing from now has at least tripled within the first two weeks of it being launched. It has made everything so much easier, and the volume has increased a lot.”

Before Headspace Media became involved with Throne, Colby felt overwhelmed when it came to website design, marketing, and promotion. Within just a few weeks, Headspace Media gave David and Colby the creative content and the marketing tools needed to make Throne succeed.

“I think a lot of people are afraid to use a professional marketing company… a lot of people think that they’ll get the results on their own, but they don’t understand how much more there is… Headspace Media has been phenomenal from day one. They’ve given me such a leg up in such a short amount of time.”

From small start-up companies like Throne, The Restroom Trailer Company, LLC, to large corporations, Headspace Media is the perfect marketing partner. We will work closely with your team to get your name out and give you the tools to create real results. See how Headspace Media built Throne’s website from the ground up at

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