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Latrobe, United States

Job Title
Agency Account Manager
Office time
Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Latrobe, United States
Job Type
Full Time On-site
30 May, 2023

Company Description

Headspace Media is an award-winning marketing and video agency. We are headquartered at the base of the Laurel Highlands in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Even though we embrace the small-town charm of our community, our offices are modern and fresh in order to inspire creativity and be a place we enjoy spending time. 


As a company, we exist to clear our clients' headspace of the burden of driving marketing efforts, which are key to their success. Simultaneously, we place their message in the headspace of their prospects and customers, which drives more traffic and sales.


As a team, we bring our entire brain, creativity, and strategy, to bear to help our clients beat their competition, bring new products to market, communicate with relevance to their prospects and customers, ideate, innovate, and more. Why? So they can stay a-head. Get it?!

  • Client-Focused
  • client communication
  • Ability to manage time and prioritize tasks


Agency Account Managers are critical for keeping both the customer and the agency content. They typically manage several advertising and marketing accounts, and they are the primary contact between the agency and the client. In addition, they act as the client's representative at agency meetings. Their job is to communicate both favorable and unfavorable news to the client in a polite and professional manner, respond to questions, and ensure that the client receives what they requested in the contract with the agency. 

The role of an Agency Account Manager is quite challenging due to the need to strike a balance between the customer's expectations, desires, and priorities and the agency's financial interests. They are a key element in maintaining customer loyalty and can even bring in new business through existing client referrals.


Agency Account Managers must possess excellent interpersonal and communication abilities. They should be able to delicately handle client connections while also motivating the agency to generate high-quality outputs. An Agency Account Manager needs to have a balanced approach, knowing precisely when to be assertive and when just to wait and watch. This role's responsibilities encompass having a strong yet not overly assertive leadership approach since they are the ones who ultimately take charge of the agency's use of time and resources and then present the finished product to the customer.


Making sure that the client's needs are met without sacrificing the agency's profitability while navigating through a complex timeline of tasks, necessitates finesse along with stress management and organizational expertise. Collaboration and teamwork are essential components of this role. Aside from the "soft" people skills, the Agency Account Manager must be incredibly organized, particularly if multiple clients are being managed all at once.

Job Responsibilities



  • Generate, compile and modify presentations for team/department conferences, customers, etc.
  • Collaborate with departments to organize and manage advertising strategies and projects
  • Work with senior staff to maintain client relationships
  • Aid in the formation of customer invoices, regular and yearly reviews, and budgets
  • Construct and demonstrate ideas and media plans to clients
  • Maintain direct and attentive client contact
  • Anticipate information needed for client meetings
  • Prepare and confirm meetings
  • Record & file notes for client meetings
  • Coordinate information the agency will need to provide the best follow-up
  • Encourage new business opportunities with existing clients and play a supporting role in their development
  • Strategically research media plans
  • Keep apprised of all relevant client developments
  • Must be passionate about the advertising industry
  • Willingness to continually educate yourself on all facets of advertising: digital, outdoor, radio, television, etc.
  • Work in a proactive manner, always anticipating information needed externally and internally
  • Qualification and follow-up with potential new clients



Education: College degree or equivalent experience.Experience: Minimum 3+ years of relevant work experience; agency experience preferred, thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, and Google Workspace Apps.

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