Our Process

How we generate leads and sales for you.

Our 4 Quadrant Marketing Approach

Much like our brain has four main quadrants, marketing has four main components. We call these the Four Quadrants of Marketing (4QM): Brand, Website, Content, Advertising.  When these elements are taken care of and working together, your business can see greater growth and increased revenue. Conversely, when these areas are out of sync, it can hurt sales and hinder your business.


Your brand isn’t just a logo or colors. Your brand is the core essence of your business. It’s the gut feeling outsiders get when they come in contact with your business. But it goes even further to include your audience and demographic. Without this information, your entire business can be misaligned. Your brand consists of these components:


Your website is the cerebral cortex of your digital presence. But it is also a direct reflection of your brand. For your business, your website should be your hardest working salesperson. It should be making sales, even while you sleep. That’s why we focus a lot of attention on making sure your website is easily found through search engines, is designed to drive sales for your company and represents your brand correctly. We think this even extends to your online profiles, reviews and listings.


Content is everything from blog posts to videos, podcasts, photos, and anything else created to represent your business and your brand. Content is essential to proving you have authority in your field and attracting potential clients to your website and to your company. The wise use of content that accurately reflects your brand can multiply your sales efforts and make the sales process flow more smoothly. That’s why we carefully craft content that will magnify your efforts and attract the right kinds of clients.


You have a fantastic product, a gorgeous website and content that shows you are the smartest one in the room. But, if no one sees any of it, you won’t get very far. A stellar advertising strategy compliments all of your marketing efforts by attracting traffic to your website and content. This traffic is the lifeblood of your lead generation system. By creating Google, Facebook, TV, OTT and other ads, a steady flow of traffic can interact with your website, content and brand so you can convert that traffic into paying clients.

A Complete Approach

When we combine Brand, Website, Content and Advertising, we take a holistic approach to marketing — excellent creative that is driven by a strategic plan which is informed by a clear vision for the brand. This is how all the pieces work together to be greater than the parts. In doing this, we strive to make the complex simple so your company can grow and thrive.