Our Process

We keep it super simple.

Left vs Right Brain Approach

Even if you haven’t specifically heard of left-brain, right-brain dominance theory, you probably understand the popular notion that the right side of our brain houses the creative and emotional processing center and the left side of the brain houses the logic and critical thinking aspects of our brain. While this theory has waned over the years in favor of other cognitive ideas, it still holds fast in popular thought because it reflects undeniable aspects of human personality. Likewise, marketing approaches can slide into similar dichotic buckets.

A Strategic Approach

(Left Brain)
Strategic firms put their trust in data as the highest order of marketing. Analytics such as page views, engagement, link clicks, impressions and more can be crucial to successful marketing campaigns. However, data without context can be misleading. Analytics without understanding can give a narrow view of the truth.

A Creative Approach

(Right Brain)
A creative firm tends to put the highest priority on the look, feel and design of marketing campaigns. They spend countless hours deciding on creative, figuring out fonts, picking the right music, tweaking cinematography. But creative decisions must be driven by something deeper than a desire for aesthetics.

A Balanced Approach

(Whole Brain)
When we combine the strategic and the creative, we take a holistic approach to marketing. Excellent creative driven by a strategic plan that is informed by a clear vision for the brand. This is how all the pieces work together to be greater than the parts. In doing this, we strive to take the complex and make it simple.
That’s why we hone our process to three areas:


Identity is everything about you and your customer. It is branding, culture, atmosphere, look and feel. This is how the world perceives you. But it goes beyond that. It looks at your customers and prospects and ascertains who they are to further strengthen your identity.
Marketing involves the messaging, the strategy and the advertising involved in growing your sales. We create a comprehensive strategy to reach the right people with the right message at the right stage of their customer journey.



Content is everything we produce to support the marketing. It could be video, audio, graphic design, copy, photography, ads and more. It can be a commercial we produce, Instagram photos, tutorial videos, or any other piece of produced material created for marketing purposes.