Small Business Marketing

Build a solid foundation and generate consistent revenue.

The Marketing Dilemma

You are spending time and money marketing, but are you getting the return you should be?

As a business leader, your time is extremely valuable. Focusing on marketing tasks is not the best use of your time and rarely produces the results you want. Headspace Media’s Small Business Marketing Packages are designed to give you the foundation and support you need to make your marketing effective and free up your time to do your best work.

Why Partner With An Agency?

What if you could get your life back and stop worrying about finding new business?

Our proven process can help you attract more loyal clients and increase meaningful growth for your business.

Starter Success

Whether you have been in business for years or you’re just starting out, the foundation of successful online marketing is understanding your audience and creating an effective, lead generating website. We work closely with you to develop your website, understand your audience, claim your Google Business Profile and keep your information updated across the internet. Additionally, we create SEO-optimized content to raise your online visibility and display your expertise. This service is a 12-month commitment and during that time we will provide the tools and support you need to be visible online.

The first step in effective marketing is understanding who your target audience is and how to speak to them in a way that encourages them to engage with your products and services.

Headspace Media will work to identify your main audience and secondary audiences by creating customer avatars. From there we will create and tweak your messaging to be most effective with your audience.

Your website is the hub of your digital presence. That’s why it needs to be specifically designed to generate conversions. 

Headspace Media will develop an entirely new website that is designed to become your hardest working sales person. We will create a beautiful, SEO optimized site that gives a clear call to action for your prospects to engage your services.

Your Google Business Profile is a key to success online. It may be one of the first interactions a prospect has with your business. In addition, an optimized profile will make you more visible in search and maps.

Headspace Media will optimize your profile and create the graphics and elements needed to complete your profile. Also, we will regularly update it to keep it fresh and relevant.

Online reviews can make or break a small business. Ensuring your business is capturing positive reviews and mitigating negative reviews is not a passive process.

Headspace Media will develop a system and workflow to more readily capture positive reviews, turn potential bad reviews around, and reply to reviews without overloading your time.

Headspace Media will manage your listing at over 75 listing services by uploading your business details, photos, videos, URLs and more. We will also keep these listings updated and monitor them for accuracy.

Starting at


The size and functionality of your website will factor into your final price (e-commerce, membership capabilities, accepting secure payments, etc.).

Growth Engine

To be more aggressive with growth, driving traffic to your site is essential. We help you get noticed and generate interest in your business by creating ad campaigns that are effective at directing prospects to your website and encouraging them to engage your services. This package includes everything in our Foundational Success Package.

Google ads can greatly increase the traffic to your website, build brand awareness and generate new leads for your business when done properly.

Headspace Media will create and manage your Google ads. This includes:

  • Setup Google Ads account
  • Professional ad strategy
  • Design and create custom graphics and content
  • Keyword targeting and optimized ad copywriting
  • Monthly monitoring and updating for optimal performance
  • Monthly reporting
  • Minimum of $100/month ad budget required

Social media posting is great for engaging your current audience but will rarely help you find new prospects or generate new interest in your business.

Headspace Media will create and run social media ad campaigns that capture the attention of your target audience and drive traffic to your profiles and website. This makes it easy for potential customers to find you and your services. 

This service includes:

  • Professional ad strategy for Facebook, Instagram or Linked In
  • Custom-designed graphics
  • Optimized ad copywriting
  • Monitoring and updates
  • Monthly reporting
  • Minimum of $100/month ad budget required

An effective tactic to increase conversions with online ads is to use retargeting methods. This allows us to tailor ads to specific user behavior. If they visit a specific webpage, we can target them with a corresponding ad on social media. 

Headspace Media will create retargeting campaigns based on your initial ad objectives to keep your brand top of mind and make it easier for potential customers to engage your services.

Starting at


This package requires a 12-month initial commitment. The size and functionality of your website will factor into your final price (e-commerce, membership capabilities, accepting secure payments, etc.) as well as number of ad campaigns needed.

Rocket Fuel

When you need a complete strategy to capture and follow up with leads, we can help. To accelerate your growth while saving time, we create a full lead generation system that nurtures and captures leads to ensure your conversion rate is strong and your leads are quality. This includes everything in our Foundational Success and Growth Engine Packages.

A landing page is a web page that is focused specifically on the content of an ad. When a user clicks your ad, they can land on this landing page and receive highly targeted information. This goes beyond a simple form on a contact page. It is designed to increase your conversions by decreasing distractions in the lead generation process. Read our ebook to learn more about our lead generation process. 

Headspace Media will create landing pages corresponding to your ad campaigns with a call to action or form to capture leads.

Email and SMS follow up campaigns are a proven way to stay top of mind when a prospect doesn’t convert right away. Generate more leads by communicating with prospects already interested in your services. 

Headspace Media will create a follow up sequence, write the copy and schedule the automations.

Marketing automation is the scheduling of messages and triggering marketing actions based on user behavior. We can create custom Facebook audiences, start SMS sequences, initiate tasks and just about any other digital action based on triggers. 

Headspace Media will design and implement marketing automation workflows to decrease the manual tasks involved with generating leads on your website and landing pages.

This helps to ensure no lead falls through the cracks and you don’t add more tasks to your workload. It also helps achieve a higher conversion rate because many of the tasks are automated.

We include our comprehensive lead generation, marketing automation and CRM software for you to use ($497/mo value).

BizForte CRM software simplifies your sales, marketing and automation efforts by combining all of your customer communication into one platform. We will implement the BizForte CRM into your website and communication platforms to help you maximize your conversions and more effectively communicate with your customers. Learn more about the software at

Starting at


This package requires a 12-month initial commitment. The size and functionality of your website will factor into your final price (e-commerce, membership capabilities, accepting secure payments, etc.) as well as number of ad campaigns and automations needed. Email and SMS usage is billed separately.

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Why Do I Need A New Website?

Our experience has clearly shown us that creating a new website allows all of your digital marketing efforts to work better and more seamlessly. Imagine trying to replace the entire electrical system of an existing home. It would be extremely costly, messy and the result may not be worth the expense. We have found that trying to add to and patch an already existing website is often more costly than starting with a clean slate. It also causes your ads and other lead generating systems to suffer because your website is not designed from the outset to generate leads.

We use your brand and audience targeting to design and write your website so it is tailored to your business, optimized for lead generation, and dovetails into your other marketing efforts.

Will My Website Cost More Than The Starting Price?

Our starting price is calculated with a wide variety of website needs in mind. Our sites include up to 20 pages, an image gallery, video headers, embeddable media, content management system, forms for lead capture and expert training. However, the price may increase if the site requires e-commerce, credit card processing, custom-built functionality, extensive API integration and other development. 

We will clearly lay out the costs before you sign a contract with us so everything is clearly explained and understood.

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