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It's like having a Gandalf for your business.

Why Partner with Headspace Media for Consulting?

Imagine reclaiming your time and shedding the constant worry about drumming up new business.

We Understand The Outcomes Needed.

Many of the business owners and marketing mavens we've worked with share a common narrative: exhaustion and frustration from efforts that seem to fall short.

They recognize the immense potential of strategic marketing but are all too aware that their current tactics aren’t cutting it, consuming far too much of their invaluable time. What they’re really seeking is a partnership with someone who not only possesses profound marketing acumen but also a genuine commitment to fostering success and a proven history of driving business growth.

Enter Matthew Fridg, the driving force behind Headspace Media. Matthew isn’t here to merely outline what it takes to see results; he’s committed to empowering you with the knowledge to achieve them both efficiently and effectively. With accolades like the Telly, ADDY, and EMMY® under his belt, coupled with over 15 years of experience that includes doubling and tripling company revenues, Matthew is poised to help you:

Success is what you're after, not just another lesson in what doesn't work. We all know how to stumble on our own; what you really need is a guiding hand towards triumph.

The common fear among those seeking consultancy is the risk of investing in someone who might not fully grasp the nuances of their challenges. The nightmare scenario? Squandered resources, time, and energy, only to circle back to where you started.

At the heart of impactful consulting lies the goal of not merely sharing knowledge but fostering a genuine transformation within your business. In your consultations with Matthew, you’ll encounter a partner genuinely invested in your business’s wellbeing and prosperity. His measure of success is directly tied to yours, achieved by imparting strategies that empower business owners and marketers to build lasting, efficient systems. These systems are designed to amplify your lead and sales generation while minimizing the time dedicated to sourcing new opportunities.

Simplify Your Life Today with Strategic Partnership

Embarking on a journey with a marketing consultant is a pivotal move towards enhancing your efficiency and reclaiming your valuable time.

The direction we take is entirely in your hands. Opt to set the agenda based on your priorities or lean on our expertise for initial guidance.

Initiating your journey with Matthew is straightforward, with a focus on tailoring the experience to your specific needs. Whether you’re delving into a comprehensive analysis of your historical and current marketing initiatives to uncover insights and understand the effectiveness of various strategies, or you’re seeking answers to pressing questions, Matthew is dedicated to crafting systems that refine your marketing operations and amplify their impact.

  • Assess Strengths & Growth Opportunities: Identify what’s working and areas ripe for development.
  • Set Clear Goals: Outline your ambitions and start crafting actionable objectives.
  • Find Your Starting Point: Pinpoint where to begin in your quest to achieve your marketing goals.

Navigating the Path to Success: Your Role in the Journey

Headspace Media 4Q Marketing

When it comes to the actual legwork of implementing strategies, the baton is passed to you. Picture Matthew as your seasoned coach in the realm of marketing. Much like a skilled football coach, he’s there to refine your tactics and strategize the plays, yet it’s you who’ll make the winning moves and bask in the triumph. For those less inclined towards sports metaphors, consider Matthew akin to Gandalf from The Lord of The Rings—a wise guide on your epic journey, empowering you to emerge as the hero of your own story.

Together, we’ll explore diverse facets to fortify your business:

  • Brand Dynamics: Delve into how your audience perception, targeting strategies, logo, and brand voice are shaping your business landscape.
  • Website Optimization: Transform your website into a robust engine driving sales and conversions.
  • Content Strategy: Craft a comprehensive plan for your videos, podcasts, articles, and more, aimed at enhancing lead generation.
  • Advertising Mastery: Gain insights on creating and fine-tuning ad campaigns that are efficient with your budget while drawing significant traffic.

Embark on this collaborative journey where your active participation brings your business vision to life, guided by Matthew’s expertise every step of the way.

The Insight of Leadership: Recognizing the Value of Marketing

Astute leaders are well aware of the critical role marketing plays within their organization. It transcends being merely an item on the expense sheet; it’s a pivotal investment in the future prosperity of the business.

At the core of our mission is your triumph. To ensure personalized attention and dedicated service, Matthew caps the number of consulting engagements. Typically, our clients allocate between $1,500 and $3,500 monthly for strategic marketing consultancy, with some venturing beyond this range.

Transparency is key, and we believe in presenting our pricing structure upfront. This approach allows you to assess whether our partnership aligns with your vision and budget, ensuring a strategic fit for your organization’s growth aspirations.

Headspace Media owner, Matthew Fridg, is a great listener and a super-creative generator of ideas. He takes the needs of entrepreneurs very personally. His drive isn't just to do a job, his drive is to help make the dreams of others materialize. It's a real gift.
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Jeffrey Tobin
Speaker/Founder, The Concept Coach

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