Commonplace Coffee Documentary

Craft and Care: The Story of Commonplace Coffee

Commonplace Coffee
Documentary Film, Branding Video


“Craft and Care: The Story of Commonplace Coffee” is a short documentary film that explores the journey of TJ and Julie, two coffee enthusiasts who venture across the United States to establish a humble coffee shop in a college town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This compelling narrative delves into the themes of passion, dedication, innovation, and the power of community, all centered around the transformative impact of a simple cup of coffee.

The Process

One of the challenges we faced was compressing 20 years of Commonplace Coffee’s history into a short film while capturing the nuances and personalities that make it unique. We tackled this by weaving personal stories with snapshots of daily life in the coffee shop. Inspired by the stylistic elements in David Gelb’s “Chef’s Table,” we chose natural light visuals, center-framed interviews, and a blend of handheld and stylized shots to bring depth and emotion into this tale. This balance helped us present a realistic yet inspiring narrative, showcasing how the company faced challenges and rose above them. Shortly after release, this film was accepted into the 2023 Film Pittsburgh Festival as a Pittsburgh Shorts Official Selection.

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