Native Clinics

Native Brand & Digital Presence Refresh

Native Integrative Mental Health
Website Design & Development, Social Media Advertising, Campaign Strategy

For the Native project, Headspace Media undertook a comprehensive brand and digital presence refresh, leveraging a holistic approach to elevate the brand’s online identity and enhance its recruitment efforts.

Website Creation & Brand Refresh

The cornerstone of our engagement with Native was the development of a new website, which can be viewed at Native Clinics. This platform was envisioned as more than just a website; it was designed to be the digital embodiment of the Native brand, reflecting its values, ethos, and commitment to quality healthcare. The website’s aesthetic and functional overhaul was guided by a refreshed brand strategy that aimed to more accurately represent Native’s innovative approach to healthcare. The user interface was crafted to offer intuitive navigation and an enriching user experience, ensuring that every visitor could easily access information about services, practitioners, and Native’s healthcare philosophy.

Consultation on New Photography

Understanding the impact of visuals in conveying authenticity and professionalism, we provided consultancy services for new photography that would align with the refreshed brand identity. This involved guiding the style, tone, and composition of photographs to ensure they resonated with the brand’s narrative and values. The new imagery was strategically integrated into the website and marketing materials to enhance the brand’s visual storytelling, making it more relatable and engaging for the target audience.

Employment Campaign for Social Media

To address Native’s recruitment needs, Headspace Media conceptualized and executed an employment campaign tailored for social media platforms. This campaign was designed to attract top-tier talent by highlighting Native’s unique work culture, benefits, and opportunities for professional growth. The creative strategy encompassed compelling visuals and persuasive copy that underscored Native’s position as an employer of choice in the healthcare sector.

Landing Page with Application Form

Complementing the social media campaign, a dedicated landing page was developed to streamline the recruitment process. This page not only detailed the available positions and the perks of working at Native but also included an application form to facilitate a seamless application process. The landing page served as a focal point for the campaign, directing potential candidates from social media advertisements and posts to a platform where they could learn more and directly apply, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Native’s recruitment efforts.


The comprehensive brand and digital refresh for Native, coupled with a targeted employment campaign, represents Headspace Media’s strategic and creative capabilities in fostering brand growth and operational expansion. By revitalizing Native’s digital presence and supporting its recruitment objectives, we have reinforced the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare, paving the way for future success. This project exemplifies our holistic approach to brand development, digital strategy, and targeted marketing campaigns, driving tangible results and enhancing brand engagement.

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