AquaSolRx Brand

Brand Creation for PRS Pharmacy-Grade CBD Products

PRS, Inc.
Branding, Graphic Design, Product Design, Print Production
Conceptualization & Inspiration

The branding journey for PRS’s pharmacy-grade CBD products began with a deep dive into the essence of national brand aesthetics. We aimed to imbue the PRS brand with a sense of trustworthiness, reliability, and premium quality, reflective of established national brands. Our creative team embarked on a meticulous process of research, ideation, and conceptualization to ensure the brand’s visual identity resonated with both the therapeutic ethos of CBD and the professional rigor of pharmacy-grade products.

Logo Design

The logo stands as the cornerstone of the PRS brand identity, crafted to encapsulate the brand’s core values and appeal to a discerning consumer base. Inspired by the clean, authoritative lines of national brand logos, we designed a symbol that conveys professionalism, health, and wellness. The choice of color palette, typography, and graphic elements was driven by a desire to communicate safety, purity, and efficacy, aligning with the expectations from pharmacy-grade offerings.

Product Labeling

Transitioning from the foundational logo, our next endeavor was the creation of product labels that not only comply with regulatory standards but also extend the brand narrative. Each label was meticulously designed to ensure clarity, readability, and consumer engagement. We integrated key product information, CBD content, and usage instructions with an elegant design that reflects the product’s premium positioning. The labels serve as a direct communication channel with consumers, emphasizing the quality, authenticity, and scientific backing of the CBD products.

Trifold Brochure Design & Copywriting

The culmination of our branding efforts for PRS was the creation of a trifold brochure that serves as both an informative and promotional piece. This brochure was thoughtfully designed and written to educate consumers about the benefits of pharmacy-grade CBD, the distinguishing features of PRS products, and the brand’s commitment to quality and safety. Each fold of the brochure unfolds a part of the PRS story, from product offerings to the science of CBD, making it an invaluable tool for consumer engagement and brand reinforcement.


For Headspace Media, the PRS project was not just about creating a brand but about setting a benchmark in the pharmacy-grade CBD market. Through a strategic blend of design excellence and compelling storytelling, we’ve established a brand identity for PRS’ AquaSolRx brand that stands out for its credibility, quality, and consumer appeal. This project underscores our capability to navigate the complexities of healthcare marketing while delivering results that resonate with both clients and their customers.

AquaSolRx Brochure
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