Frontpoint Security Funnel

Frontpoint Security
Frontpoint Security
Marketing Consultation, Funnel Building, Social Media

Changing The Purchase Process

Frontpoint Security is one of that nation’s top security hardware and monitoring companies. Since its founding, the sales process has been mainly outbound. Call centers would reach out to leads and sales personnel would read a sales script. But since the process of purchasing a security system has become simplified and gone entirely online, it was time for the sales process to evolve.
Frontpoint Funnel

Implementing The Funnel

In addition to consulting and managing social media for Frontpoint Security, Headspace Media designed an inbound marketing system and sales funnel to change the way Frontpoint acquired and nurtured leads up to and beyond the point of purchase. We created a funnel map in and implemented the system in ClickFunnels. We created visual dashboards to report analytics using Databox.
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